Timber up-and-over doors: strong while stylish

The attraction of a wooden garage door is indisputable. It adds both warmth and value to the home. However the resistance and reliability of a door in steel are major factors when choosing a garage door. The solution is right here before you: the Ballan Timber range.

Wood and steel: the perfect solution
Ballan produces the Timber counterweight up-and-over doors by joining an internal structure in steel with an external structure in prestigious wood. The ideal solution to combine style, strength and above all safety. Thanks to the CE marking and CE Declaration of Conformity – supplied by Ballan – which certifies full compliance with the product standard UNI EN 13241-1, the models in this range are ranked at the top in terms of accident prevention.

More structures for constantly on-target choices
The three different structures solve all application requirements: the size of the garage entrance and location, such as opening onto a pedestrian way or a road. Furthermore, the Timber up-and-over doors bearing the HF mark also enable retrofit application of operators in full compliance with the relevant European directives.

Ply: the quality of cladding
The wood panels cladding the Timber up-and-over doors are produced in layers, hence the term ply, by overlapping several wooden sheets, with the veins laid alternately. This type of construction, widely used in the shipyards, obtains panels that are particularly resistant to tension and deformation. The last outer layer, is made of one of the special woods offered by Ballan.

The essence of quality: the wood and colour varieties offered by Ballan
The 15 mm wood panels used to clad the Timber up-and-over doors are in pantographed Okoumè ply or pantographed Okoumè ply with exterior veneer in prestigious wood: Hemlock, Iroko, Mahogany, Oak, Douglas, or Yellow Pine. They are also available in laminated Fir or Larch, with knots, and with an optional brushed finish to reproduce the authentic surface wear of antique wood.
A splendid variety of solutions, with added Ballan guarantee of durability thanks to the special protective treatment, with a range of six different tones in the rigorously water-based varnishes/paints, now including transparent. Timber is also an eye-catching door when painted, exclusively for Okoumè and Hemlock models, in the four standard colours (RAL 3009, 6005, 6007 and 6009) or on request in any colour available in the Ballan RAL colour chart.

Each Timber range up-and-over door is equipped with an "identity card" in the form of its CE nameplate, which provides unequivocal identification of the product and carries all the information required by statutory regulations. 

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