Complete accident protection is guaranteed by Ballan


Each product is marked with the CE marking, accompanied by the Declaration of performance (Dop) and for motorised doors also by the CE declaration of conformity according to the Machinery Directive (MD).

Comprehensive security which is second to none makes you free from any constraint of a choice: manual or motorized

Ballan offers automation setup for its doors. The constructive solutions adopted make Ballan’s doors conform to European directives (related to automated operation), thus allowing the issuance of the CE declaration of conformity on the installation of the automation system.

CE marking plate

Each garage door has its own identity card ", that is, the CE marking plate, which identifies the product and lists all the data required by current EC standards.

Declaration of Performance (DoP)

Declaration of Performance (DoP), which  describes the characteristics of the product in compliance with CPR 305/2011.

CE Declaration of Conformity


CE Declaration of Conformity, which certifies the respect of all European standards in force for power-operated doors.


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