Comfort and safety of living

Armored entrance doors are the most significant element of home security because they guard and protect the home from the outside world.

Security is a growing need and increasingly felt by the population: just think that 67% of purchases of security doors are motivated by security needs and 7% even from the fact that the buyer has suffered a break-in.

This is why Ballan has selected several models with the possibility of choosing among the many possible finishes: because each door is designed "to measure" by structure, characteristics and dimensions.

The armored doors proposed combine innovation with maximum simplicity of installation and are made following the latest regulations in terms of:





All production phases are checked so that the door meets the most stringent quality parameters, durability and reliability of the product over time.

Ballan offers 3 of the highest security classes:

ARMORED CLASS 3: is the most widespread security level for external access doors and resists the use of special tools such as screwdrivers and large crowbars.

ARMORED CLASS 4: offers a high level of security and is suitable for villas, isolated houses or shops with a particular risk of break-in. It resists to more advanced and noisy burglar tools such as saws, hammers, drills, axes.

ARMORED CLASS 5: is suitable for banks, jewelers, military environments, embassies. It resists an expert burglar who also uses electric tools, such as drills, saws, grinding wheels, etc.

Synergies for an excellent aesthetic result.

When it is important to harmonize the armored entrance door with the garage door, ask Ballan for a structured project that includes the insertion of perfectly coordinated doors in the design, colors and materials.

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