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The intelligence of technology is not only measured by the ability to make products that perform their functions in the best possible way, which in the case of sectional doors means smooth vertical opening, sliding parallel to the ceiling, without protruding either outside or inside the garage, leaving the maximum space available.

The technology of New Age sectional doors goes much further: guaranteeing maximum reliability of operation and safety against accidents, even in extreme weather conditions (wind, ice, etc.). On request by the client, it can be supplied fully compliant with requirements for energy requalification of buildings, and thus in full respect of the environment. Last but not least, the door can be adapted to blend in perfectly with the relative architectural style.

The foundations of Ballan superiority
The insulated panel with aluminium joint (Ballan patient) in the New Age range features a thickness of 40 mm and is constructed in galvanized sheet steel, with a pre-painted and embossed finish. The panel comprises two aluminium profiles, one upper and one lower, joined by two sheet steel panels and closed laterally by two heavy gauge steel covers. There is a fire-proof polyurethane foam core to insulate the panel, making it both sound and heat proof. The foam is 100% HCFC free to guarantee the company's policy to ensure full respect of the environment.

The advantage of energy savings
The panels on New Age doors can be requested with thermal cuts, i.e. interruption of the heat flow passing through the aluminium joints, thereby obtaining a low thermal transmittance coefficient. A result that achieves savings while meeting requirements for energy requalification of buildings, and lastly, the environment.

The range is doubled now with two structures
To meet the needs of a wider range of clients and ensure the availability of  the exclusive technology of insulated panels with aluminium joints and devices that
guarantee maximum safety against accidents, Ballan has created two
alternative structures: New Age and New Age XT. The main difference between the two structures is mainly that the version XT is self-bearing and enables both flush and surface mounting of the door with the utmost of ease. An added benefit in terms of appearance, above all from outside, as this makes the side jambs and transom perfectly flush (exposed in the case of surface mounting).

Safety? Nothing less
Thanks to the CE marking and CE Declaration of Conformity – supplied by Ballan – which certifies full compliance with the product standard UNI EN 13241-1, the models in this range are ranked at the top in terms of accident prevention.
Each New Age range sectional door is equipped with an "identity card" in the form of its CE nameplate, which constitutes the product ID and carries all the information required by statutory regulations.

Viewed from inside, revealing all their technology
Support and movement of the panels are ensured by the lateral and upper guides, in galvanized steel, with white epoxy paint finish similar to RAL 9016.
The internal self-lubricating sliding rollers ensure optimal smooth and silent movement during operation.
Also, the compact design of the guides make New Age and New Age XT the least bulky and most functional garage doors in the sector.
To complete this framework of excellence: buffer at the end of the upper guides, used to dampen impact at the end of opening travel, lateral and upper seals (concealed in the structure of the XT sectional door) and threshold covering seal at the bottom (with slide profile for XT) that guarantees water tightness.  
In the case of New Age XT only, the special shaped cover, for improved safety and appearance, encloses and protects the shaft and springs.
The special Ballan patented guide covers house the guides and lateral rollers, guaranteeing maximum protection against accidents, and are available as options for both NEW AGE and NEW AGE XT models.

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