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Ballan joins ACMI/F.IN.CO

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ACMI, Assocostruttori Chiusure e Meccanismi Italia (Association of Manufacturers of Doors and Components in Italy) is the association that joins national manufacturers of technical doors/windows (garage doors, civil and industrial doors, gates, barriers etc.) to contribute to the progress and improvement of these important “made in Italy” sectors.

Ballan has chosen to join ACMI and to participate in the activities of this Association, also because its aims also include technical support to bodies assigned to issue and coordinate Italian and European standards in the sector, as well as interfacing with public and governmental bodies, test and research laboratories, and national and international certification bodies. In other words they are the main actors with the task of improving the image of professionalism and high quality products, produced and distributed by the Associate companies. 

ACMI is part of F.IN.CO., Federazione di Confindustria (Industrial Federation) which unites Trade Associations and collaborates with public and private organisations operating in the construction sector (Ministerial Authorities, ANCE, ENEA, UNI, etc.).
A Federation particularly active with regard to the issues closest to Ballan policies: “Energy and Environment” and “Standards and Certification”. 

Publication: 04/02/2013