The safest garage doors

Ballan will give you more security with the new E-Lock


Linealegno HF up-and-over doors: elegant by nature, safe by choice

Unrivalled craftsmanship in wood working, the result of great Ballan experience.

A host of technological solutions, all innovative, to guarantee perfection in operation and accident protection.
Decidedly superior construction quality, ensuring resistance and durability. Here you can find the excellence of the up-and-over counterweight doors in the Linealegno HF range. The most prestigious doors offered by Ballan.

Now the choice of Linealegno HF quality is even more convenient.
Because Ballan offers more security with the new E-Lock for power-operated Linealegno HF models*

On Linealegno HF up-and-over doors, the motors are housed on the door leaf, and the irreversible design guarantees optimal anti-intruder protection. Designed by the Ballan Research and Development office, the E-Lock system (exclusive electric lock) is an accessory that integrates perfectly with the Sikura HF structure of power-operated doors to increase security even further.
Installation envisages complete integration in the upper beam of the power-operated up-and-over door, and when automatic closure is activated, the device intervenes on both internal latches, keeping the door locked in place until another opening command is given, thereby increasing anti-intruder protection. Reliable and safe, proven through testing of over 200,000 door cycles!

(*) The E-Lock system is inserted as standard on the power-operated Linealegno HF models purchased before 30th September 2015