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Operator ERG Ballan

ERG Ballan

ERG Ballan: the practical and reliable operator

The ERG operator (developed and patented by Ballan) incorporates the motor, VISg control system with patented gravity accelerometer, and control panel in a single unit accommodated in a black plastic housing and mounted on the mobile leaf, with electrical wiring routed through a conduit. This operator is supplied with the CE Declaration of Conformity and is offered in three versions:
Ballan ERG -1 operator, envisaging a central motor applied on the central rail (on mobile leaf) with motor base and transmission tubes;
Ballan ERG -2 operator, envisaging two motor arms with sliding block (Ballan patent), complying with the set safety clearances;
Ballan ERG - CITY operator, designed for slide-away leaf models (City), featuring two lateral motors mounted on two rails (fitted at each side of the mobile leaf) with motor base and telescopic arms, complying with the set safety clearances.
The operator is available in 3 different kits, differing according to the accessories included.

Ballan certifies garage door safety

Ballan certifies garage door safety

Complete and unparalleled safety that frees users from the binding choice of a manual or power-operated door.


Automation "made in Ballan"

The operators used on Ballan up-and-over doors are electronic masterpieces offering the highest levels of safety and efficiency