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Exten collapsible gate

Exten collapsible gate

Exten collapsible gate: versatile, practical, reliable

The Exten collapsible gate is a universal safety device as it can be fitted on any entrance, window, shop window, arcade or passage. This type of gate, as well as guaranteeing secure protection of work and residential environments, enables the circulation of air and light in the protected areas as it enables shutters to be left open. The gate retracts to be virtually completely concealed when closed, to enhance appearances.
Exten is designed with special "U" profile grooves, connected by parallelogram shaped rods, and is available in two designs: "X" shaped, with single rods or reinforced with double rods, or with a "Disk" design, using a shaped pantograph.
On request, the gate can be finished in epoxy powder paint in the standard RAL colours, or in the RAL colours selected by Ballan.