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Operator Automatic S/550 - S/800 - S/1100

Automatic S/550 - S/800 - S/1100

Automatic S/550, S/800 and S/1100: with chain or lateral drive

The operators Automatic S/550, S/800 and S/1100 are made up of a 24 V DC irreversible mechanical gearmotor with control panel, built-in lighting and manual activation system in the event of a malfunction or power failure.
Thanks to the irreversible design, they also serve as a locking system when closed. They are also fitted with a force limiter device that interrupts and inverts movement in the presence of an obstacle.
The gearmotor with traction system can be mounted on the ceiling or laterally in the sliding guides (for New Age range models only); this improves aesthetics inside the garage, by eliminating the motor guide normally fitted at the centre of the ceiling.
These operators are also equipped with an incorporated electronic control unit, which ensures a check of all safety devices on each movement, and a provision for interface in the event of maintenance or reprogramming requirements.