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Ballan Shutters: ever-efficient and universal protection

In depth

For effective protection of businesses, the work place or the home, as well as warehouses and garages, Ballan offers a complete series of shutters and collapsible gates with a guarantee of total reliability, functionality and resistance. Constructed using durable and
ultra-resistant materials – above all steel and stainless steel – these various models are designed in strict compliance with Product Standard EN 13241-1, and above all are certified to Class 2 for resistance to wind load. The doors bear the CE Mark and are accompanied by the CE declaration.

Safety: insurance-proof
Ballan shutters and collapsible gates offer maximum safety against attempts at break-in and fully comply with the requirements of insurance companies when stipulating policies governing theft and burglary.

All with the added certainty of improved appearance and practicality.
Ballan shutters and collapsible gates combine functional features - resistance to cuts and break-in, possibility of ventilation of internal rooms and noise/heat insulation - with a painstaking clear-cut design. A wide variety of optional accessories is also available, such as practical operators, with remote control or hold-to-run button control, releasing users of the daily task of opening and closing shutters manually.

Long lasting stainless steel
Stainless steel shutters are ideal for installations in particularly aggressive atmospheres (coastal areas or special industrial environments) or in the case of special hygiene/health requirements. The particular properties of stainless steel mean that no special finish is required to ensure that its unrivalled mechanical strength and appearance stays the same in time.

Publication: 21/01/2013