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A well-earned reputation

Ballan has always believed in communication and the importance of giving its brand name the acclaim it deserves and providing clear and correct information on the exclusive features of its products.

For this reason, year after year, the company has invested in significant publicity, product and corporate campaigns. It has participated in major national and international shows. It has also sponsored large-scale cultural and sporting events. The most prominent of these has been professional cycling.


The passion of Ballan SpA for professional cycling wasn't born yesterday, as the experts in this sport know well. In fact it is since the 80's that this leading manufacturer of garage doors in Italy has supported cycling. For nearly thirty years now, Ballan SpA has linked its name to champions such as Moreno Argentin, Giorgio Furlan, Piotr Ugrumov, Evgenij Berzin, Bjarne Riis, Gilberto Simoni and Damiano Cunego, three-times winner of the pink shirt of the Italian cycling race Giro d’Italia and first place in many other “classic” competitions.

Over past years, Ballan has chosen to support the younger athletes in this sport and to bet on which amateurs will be the champions of tomorrow. A company that counts exclusively on teamwork and serious day-to-day commitment. Outside the box, the history of Ballan.